Highlights of the Russian Navy Rebreather IDA-59 M

    • fully closed rebreather

    • originally used as bailout system for submarines from a maximum depth of 300 meters and for exercising light underwaterwork down to 90 meters.

    • works with trimix and pure oxygen

    • gases are stored in 2 seperate 1 liter tanks

    • one scrubber canister

    • continous-flow method for pure oxygen

    • 4 depth ranges for different continous-flow rates ( 0-20 meters;20-37 meters;37-55 meter; >60 meter no continous-flow anymore)

    • continous-flow rate changes automatically at 3 different depths

    • different continous-flow rates when either descending or ascending

    • pure mechanical apparatus (no batteries,no electronics)

    • maximum depth: 90 meter (for greater depth an additional helium-tank must be connected)

    • maximum divetime approx. 2.5 hours when exercising light work

    • weight is 15kg with filled scrubbercanister

    • scrubber material can be DRAEGERSORB or SOFNOLIME

    • comes with a fullface-mask

Didi with his new baby !

The IDA 59 System

IDA 59 System
    • The upper part is the counterlung (behind the fullface mask)

    • The leftmost tank contains the trimix or another breathable mix

    • The rightmost blue tank contains pure oxygen tank (a regulator and the constant mass flow valve is attached

    • The blue part in the middle is the scrubber canister

The IDA 59 Counterlung

IDA 59 Counterlung
    • Here you see the counterlung with the adjustable overpressure valve on the right side

    • The counterlung is made of rubber,which makes a kind of bulletproof impression

    • The counterlung is worn around the neck like the antique bouyancy-compensators

    • In the middle,you can see the mouthpiece with the shutter (a normal regulator mouth piece is here used instead of the original fullfacemask)

IDA 59 Tanks & Scrubber Canister

IDA 59 Tanks & Scrubber Canister
    • Left side: 1 Liter steel tank used for oxygen with regulator,valve and constant mass flow valve attached

    • Middle: Scrubber canister

    • Right side: 1 Liter steel tank used for trimix with valve and regulator attached

IDA 59 O2-Tank,Regulator,Constant Mass Flow Valve

IDA 59 O2-Tank,Regulator,Constant Mass Flow Valve

Here you see the oxygentank with the regulator and the CMF valve.The CMF valve changes the flowrate at 4 different depths (the flowrates are also changed different, depending on ascending or descending).

Tiina with an IDA 59

Tiina with an IDA 59

Here you see Tiina wearing the unit in their original way,exept that a ordinary regulator mouthpiece is used instead of the fullface mask

Tiina, the IDA-59 and the Rec-Rig

Tiina,the IDA 59 and the Rec-Rig

Tiina uses a normal recreational rig in conjunction with the IDA 59 for infalting the BC,the drysuit and as a kind of bailout system.

Tiina ready to GO !

Tiina ready to GO !

This is the front view of Tiina using the IDA 59 together with the rec-rig.From this picture you can see, how easy it is to reach all neccessary components when diving.


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